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Who Are Concepts?

 Based in the South West of England, Concepts Art by Design offer customers a range of stunning hand painted glassware using everyday glass, all at what we feel are affordable prices.

Our work is very different to what you might have seen before. Our glassware is painted completely free hand to our own designs using only the finest quality products, which means no two pieces, are the same. We do not use templates, it’s just us and a brush and a pot of paint….or two!

Each piece is heat sealed to aid the durability of the finished product and in doing so we find the colours used become even more vibrant. When the process is complete it might surprise you to know that your glassware may be washed within a dishwasher should you wish, however we recommend hand washing to prolong the life of your purchase.  To learn more read our section on caring for your glass 

We paint mainly to order with lead times of approximately  2-3 weeks therefore please bear this in mind when placing your order, but for those last minute gifts we do keep a small stock on hand, therefore we may be able to fulfill your order in good time. 

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We showcase our work at a number of events throughout the year where you’ll be able to view many of our designs, so why not check our exhibition dates

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Caring For Your

Click here to find out more about caring for your glass

Caring For Glass

What Our Customers Say

Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked this question a lot! Its not something we have ever done a time and motion study on. When we paint, we do so in batches, often working on more than one design at the same time, allowing each piece time enough to dry before applying the next layer

The Paint we use on all our glassware is compatible with ceramic and glass surfaces and is deemed dishwasher safe by thre paint manufacturers. Once each piece is air dried, we bake in a domestic oven to a fairly high temperature, which bonds the paint to the glass. However, to ensure your purchase stands the test of time, we advise to hand wash. Visit our section on caring for your glass.

The development of a specific design can often take months to develop. Therefore we focus on our own designs and specifications. The last thing we would want to do is to disappoint, as what might be in your head we may not be able to replicate.

Adding a name to our design changes its composition, therefore we prefer not to do this. In our experience we find when a piece is altered in this way, it gets put into a cupboard never to be used, which defeats the object of our product. Concepts glassware is to be enjoyed every day.

Both Sue and Lynn work from their respective homes, in both Wiltshire and Hampshire

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