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Caring for your Concepts Glassware

We at Concepts use only the very best quality paint when creating our glassware designs and as such your glasses can happily be washed in your domestic dishwasher.  We carry out rigorous testing regularly in order to satisfy our high standards and are therefore confident that your glassware will be safe.

However, given the caustic properties of dishwasher solutions such as tablets and or powder and the length of time of a standard program, coupled with the jostling of other items in the machine, we would not advise continuous washing in the dishwasher as over time you may see some wear or scratching occurring on the paint surface at some point in the future. This is something that happens to crockery when the heat and chemicals eventually permeate the glaze.

There are numerous methods and recommendations on how to wash a wine glass, and this section will discuss the more practical ones.

Washing (Recommended)

Caring for your lovely new glassware couldn’t be easier and there’s nothing we like more than a gorgeous sparkling glass. Simply give each glass a gentle wash with a mild detergent (not too much mind) in clean warm water. You can use a sponge (not the scourer side please) or a cloth to ensure all residue of its contents are removed. Red wine, if left overnight, can form a hard to clean stain, so do remember to rinse them out before you go off to bed. If you forget you can soak the glass in warm vinegar, which should do the trick.


Rinse the glass in hot water over and over again until all residual suds are gone. Turn the glass over and rest it on a clean towel to air dry.

You can of course gently dry and polish your glass with a suitable Tea Towel. We generally use one specifically for glass but its not essential.   Do however be gentle especially with stemmed glassware, if you dry too vigorously its an easy way to snap the stem


Although a dishwasher is an efficient way to clean numerous glasses at once, it’s not particularly kind. If you live in a hard water area, calcium deposits can form marks on the glass particularly if the salt and rinse aid is low.  If you use this method, ensure your glass is placed in the top, as this is the less abrasive place inside the dishwasher. Do give wine glasses plenty of space in the dishwasher to minimise scratches by avoiding jostling with other glasses or metal.

When the drying phase is done, immediately remove the glasses and wipe them down with a clean towel. Any remaining stains should be removed using one of the previous methods.

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